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Founded in September 2004, the National Center for Health Care Informatics (NCHCI) is a Montana 501(c)(3) corporation.  The NCHCI is governed by a seven member board of directors and a Chief Executive Officer.    The NCHCI grew out of the development of the nation’s first undergraduate degree in Health Care Informatics at Montana Tech.   The Mission of the NCHCI is centered on the use of health information technology and education to improve the quality, safety, affordability, and efficiency of the US healthcare system.   The company's hallmark has been innovation in the healthcare sector particularly in the area of simulation-based training technologies. 


Provide excellence in education and training


 Value the diversity of all customers and treat them with respect

Provide the highest standards of customer service with every interaction

 Create and foster an environment that challenges, empowers, and builds leaders

 Use data, information, and knowledge to influence change

Embody innovation to creatively sustain mastery

 Act with dignity, honesty, and with the highest ethical standards

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